You can effectively protect your home by using the above statistics to determine where to place outdoor security cameras.

Installing an outdoor home security camera can provide you with protection and peace of mind. When you are trying to decide which type of outdoor home security camera to use, there are many different things you will need to take into consideration. In order to choose the best outdoor home security camera for your needs, you should shop around, read reviews of the product, consult a professional, and look for a warranty.



The outdoor home security cameras can add a level of security to your house as they monitor activity around your property. Add in other advantages of home security cameras plus the fact that they are widely accessible and easy to set up and use, you will probably want to look into setting up security cameras around your place of residence. If you are looking into security cameras, below are the best indoor and outdoor home security cameras that we have found.

Front Door

This is an obvious choice, when you consider crime statistic that reveal at least around a third of all break ins happen through your front door. From here, you have a choice of positioning your camera on the outside of your home pointing to your front door, which provides a visible deterrent to thieves. Alternatively, or additionally, you could consider an internal camera positioned at your front door entrance, which will clearly identify the face of the person entering.


A stairway that is inside or outside of the property is a good place for a security camera. These are points in and around the home, which are used to get around the property. Outside stairs may be used to connect a duplex, access a roof, etc. These may be used by burglars to enter the home in an unusual way. These types of unique entries are often done to avoid your security. When you use your cameras to view these stairways, you will be one step ahead of the criminal element.

Off-Street Windows

Burglars often enter a home by breaking a rear window. By choosing a window that is not in direct view of the street, they decrease their chance of being caught and buy some privacy to do the dirty deed. Get a jump on them and train a camera on any area of your home with windows that cannot be viewed from the street.



Backyard/Side Gate

Crooks love a good backyard, since they’re often brimming with expensive lawn & garden machinery, recreational equipment, and kids’ toys. Arm your yard with motion-sensor floodlights and a night vision surveillance camera to protect your home and belongings. If your backyard is fenced in, make sure your camera has a view of the entrance gate (or install a second camera there).

Garage or Shed.

Your garage is a lucrative theft location for a number of reasons. Consider the valuable goods in your garage: gardening equipment, tools, bikes, toys, camping gear, building materials. It’s fair to say that these all add up. Another reason for thieves to target garages is that that they’re generally unoccupied, so it’s a good idea to have one of your security cameras devoted to this part of your house.