In most living rooms, the TV entertainment center is the focal point of the space.

Entertainment is a part of our every day lives and it’s what keeps us alive in a way. Though entertainment is a wide term, it is fitting to say that the television is a huge part of it. You come home from work and sit down for a bit to watch TV right. the best experience, a well designed TV stand is quite imporant. It needs to be big enough to fit your TV and to have enough space for your DVD players, consoles, video games, speakers and what not. Bellow is a collection of the cool TV stand designs for your home which are also available.

In many living rooms, the TV entertainment center may be the focal point of the space. If you did prefer to enhance the decor of the living or entertainment area of your home, choosing an eye-pleasing television viewing area could make all the difference.

Living Room TV Stand Design

Living Room TV Stand Design

Minimalist TV stands

Minimalist TV stands are the perfect choice if you wanted to create a modern minimalist interior and a contemporary look in your living room. They not only fit
harmoniously into the ambience, but are also highly functional. Many people are attracted by the minimalist designs as they have proven as very functional and reflect modern lifestyle.

Flat Screen TV Stands

Lcd TV mounts are in vogue because they save floor space and using the television is more convenient due to this placement. These come in either black or silver shades. Black mounts can be found in either powder-coated or painted variety. Heavy-duty steel can be used to manufacture the mounts. It is strongly recommended to use VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) compliant lcd TV wall mounts since many of the TV manufacturing companies manufacture VESA compliant Televisions. VESA compliant means they follow a particular standardized hole pattern behind of the TV panel.

Diamond Plasma TV Stand

Design your dream living room with this modernDiamondPlasma TV Standfeaturing solidshaped legs and a striated grey woodcompletion. With such a unique design, this sleek plasma TV standwill.

Dual-Sided TV Stands

Another decorative idea for lcd entertainment centers is a dual-sided TV stand. This kind of stand can be used in the center of an area as a divider or focus. Dual-sided TV stands have a thick and hollow wall-like shelving unit mounted on a sturdy base. You are able to mount a flat screen television somewhere and install shelves alternatively to display the items of your choice. Because the stand is hollow, all appliance and equipment cords and cables could be concealed inside for a neat and clean appearance. Additional storage will come in small drawers that leave within the side edges.