These window grill designs will make your homes look better and be safer than ever before. Select the best among them suiting your house style and comfort.

In addition to protecting your home from intruders, decorative window grills also add architectural details that improve your home’s interior aesthetics, as well as its curb appeal. Choose a window grill design, material and color to provide the security, privacy and style you desire for your home. Soften the appearance of a metal window grill by decorating around it both interior and exterior.

Safe & Perfect Window grill designs for homes

Safe & Perfect Window grill designs for homes

Organic Patterns

There are many other patterns when it comes to grill designs. You can ask for grill patterns shaped like symbolic objects and scenes like birds, or the sunrise. Grill suppliers will normally provide you with a atalogue displaying all the available options.

Diamond pattern

This window grill design for homes have the diagonal shaped bars all over the window grill which gives somewhat softer and durable look to the window. The metal used to create such design is also more than the horizontal and the vertical ones. Also this type of window grill design is less harsh and less bold than the horizontal or vertical ones and is more of an elegant in nature and looks.

Geometric Patterns

There are endless grill designs when it comes to geometric patterns. You can design your own grill design with simple geometric shapes and evolve a pattern out of it too. Geometric grill designs can have variable space between the rods depending on the need. A neatly spaced grill design will not make the living room design look small.

Wooden pattern

A wooden grill provides lesser protection than metal grill, but still provides your home with elegant visual variety. Wood is warmer than iron, and you can use a framed wooden window grill to break up the look of a large, plain window. A wooden lattice window grill visually breaks a large pane of glass into a dozen smaller frames, thus changing the appearance of your home both inside and out. This window grill design for homes looks graceful and formal.

Truly Divided lighting pattern

This type of window grill design for homes is found in the old homes. It consists of the network of small glasses to form the glass grill. The advantage of this window grill, design for homes is that if one of theĀ glass piece broke down then it can be replaced without disturbing the whole panel of the grill. But the disadvantage is that they are not safe nor energy efficient.