Outdoor security cameras are a great way to protect your home or office. Here are six of the best location for outdoor home security cameras.

Security cameras have become one of the most common devices used for protecting our homes from thieves or any other possible intruders. This is because security companies are not longer simply making fancy cameras which are too expensive for the average consumer. These are all priority questions in determining the best placement of your cameras, and the answers can be as individual as your property. However, we have a few tips that help to make the best of your camera locations.

Six of the Best Locations for Outdoor Home Security CamerasSix of the Best Locations for Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Six of the Best Locations for Outdoor Home Security Cameras

The Front Door

A front door camera is always a good idea, not only as a deterrent for break-ins, since the majority (34%) do enter through the front door, but also for other forms of theft like stealing mail or packages. Another great feature is that it allows you to see who is at the door before answering it, so even when you’re not home you can see who’s knocking. It’s important to come with an outdoor security camera pointed at the front door with a clear, unobstructed look at the front doorway.

The Back Door

The back door is the second most popular entry point for home burglaries. It’s vital that you have a security camera with a clear look at your back door. And, such as the front door, make sure the video camera has run out of reach of thieves. It’s smart to install a vandal-resistant security camera to monitor the rear door of single story homes.  An unlit mystery, or one that his hidden by shrubbery, or kind of landscaping is especially vulnerable to thieves. Keep your back door well-lit with a standard or motion detection floodlight and the landscaping around the back door neatly trimmed.

First Floor Windows

After front doors, the first or ground floor windows are the second most popular entry points for burglars, with almost one in four gaining access to your home in this way. Positioning a camera inside your home facing the table is a good way to ensure you get a clear image of any intruders.

Front Door Security Camera

Front Door Security Camera

The Backyard

It’s also important with an outdoor security camera installed in your home that provides a definite, wide view of your backyard. An outdoor video security camera with a wide angle view, night vision camera having a long IR range is fantastic for monitoring your backyard.

It’s also important to keep your backyard well-lit. Install adequate lighting. And, many homeowners keep expensive recreational equipment and lawn and garden equipment in their backyard. Don’t make your backyard enticing to thieves. Keep all equipment out of view, or locked in a storage shed.

The Garage

It’s common for burglars to go in a home through an unlocked garage, or using a garage door opener that’s located in an unlocked car in the home owners’ driveway. Install a security camera which has a good view of your garage and driveway.  Keep the garage doors locked at all times (even if you are home), and keep your garage door opener out of sight.

Patio Doors and French Doors

Patio doors and French doors will also be popular entry points for thieves. Aiming your camcorder at your patio door or French doors can also be recommended for keeping your home and family safe. French doors are simple to break into. For added security ensure your French doors are reinforced with durable, tempered glass and use a deadbolt that locks at the top and bottom. You can even install a security bar to strengthen the French doors. For patio doors, putting a metal rod in the sliding tabs on the door will provide additional security.