Window Grills are gratings done on the windows to create either dividers or barriers or simple decorations.


Aluminium Window Security Grills

Aluminium Window Security Grills

We find window grills in almost every home and office. They are used as dividers, barriers or for decorative purpose. Window grills can be made from wood, stone, aluminium or other metals. Among these aluminium grills are much popular as they are durable, good in strength, reusable and requires less maintenance.

The most common way a burglar will enter your home is through the door or window. They will smash the glass or in some cases if the window is glazed externally they will remove the beading and lift the whole sheet of glass.

Aluminium Window Grills Benefits


This is one good reason that has been propelling people to go for getting window grills since old times. An ornamental design on windows always looks appealing and adds to the ambience of the room. This way the boring window openings tend to become interesting. The designs are traditional artworks, or patterns.

Fire protection

You will need 660 degrees centigrade to melt aluminium. In very rare occasions, will domestic fire get this hot. Additionally, aluminium is nonmagnetic and almost chemically stable; with such properties aluminium is a very good choice for a fire proof window grille.

Rust Resistance

The aluminium is a rust proof metal, unlike iron and other metals the aluminium does not corrode when in contact with water. This makes them long lasting.


The main reason for the use of Window Grills today is security. With this particular purpose metal grills are utilized since metals are strong and difficult or nearly impossible to get through. Window grills behave as a protection for the houses. These grills are made as bar patterns or perhaps traditional decorative works. The reason is to prevent any outside intrusion. People use grills to prevent theft and other such unwanted activities.

Light Weight and Durable

Aluminium window grills are light weight. They do not exert pressure on the concrete like other metals, which resultant increase the durability of windows and grills.