Window Grill Designs Ideas for Homes

Time has come to say goodbye to those old fashioned window grills. We present the most stylish and safest window grills ideas for your homes.

Choosing the right window grilles for homes will go a long way to complement your windows while averting intruders. The right window grilles need to be chosen carefully. Almost all residential homes adoring glass doors and windows have some sort of grilles protecting them. After installing a window, the next probable step to do is to install a window grill. However, one should not do such thing in haste without knowing the guidelines on how to choose a proper window grill to be installed to your home windows. And now here below are some things to consider in choosing a window grill for home.

The benefits of window grills are just too many including better practicality and safety, better security, better price and so on ( window grille ). Once you’ve recognized the vulnerable areas of your place, consult any reputable window grill service provider for the right type of materials and style that suit your safety requirements, tastes and current settings. Of course, it is also necessary to work within your budget.

Window Grill Designs

Window Grill Designs

Window Grill Design

Window grill designs provides your home with a fresh, fantastic way to enhance security and maintain trendy sophistication using ornate and versatile styles. With window grill design pieces, you don’t need to settle for starchily old-fashioned and generic styles; you could have your choice of a huge array of styles to match any setting and décor. Due to the numerous design choices on offer, you are able to decide between simple sophistication or even more intricate patterns to compliment your house and improve its general appeal. There actually is no limit to how much you can enhance and complement your home’s appearance and atmosphere with striking window grill design options.

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are extremely popular options in grill designs, specifically for the living room windows. Floral patterns in window grills are often closely set and intricately designed. They form an ornamental element in themselves. Avoid these window grills in smaller rooms as they possibly can make the living room design look cramped.


A diamond-patterned window grill uses strong diagonals to create diamond shapes. The diamond patterned window grill gets the benefit of being very sturdy and containing more metal when compared to a simple horizontal or vertical pattern would. Diamonds window grill also provides the window a glance that is less harsh when compared to a simple horizontal or vertical pattern.

Fixed Grill

These kinds of living room windows will have two components- the grill and also the window. In this, the grill is going to be fixed (usually on the inside) and also the window will be openable through the grill. This allows in lighting and ventilation, but prevents physical access.

Simple Bars

Simple bars don’t always have to look like jail bars. For any clean and simple living room design, you should use widely spaced horizontal bars as window grills. Not just are these cheaper, but they’re easily replaceable in case of any damage.

4 Responses to “Window Grill Designs Ideas for Homes”

  1. Nicol Joven says:

    Can anyone give me recommend Window Grills – we will soon be taking having our new apartment in Benaulim despite the fact that our complex has security we’ve been advised to put grills around the windows and french doors.

    I’m looking for an experienced grill fitter in south goa – preferably one that can provide decent design options – therefore we can make our place look more aesthetic compared to ‘prison look’ that i have seen in defacto grill designs there.

  2. Dicky Salem says:

    Window grill designs can offer your home with a fresh, easy way to increase security and keep stylish sophistication using ornate and versatile styles. With window grill design pieces, it’s not necessary to settle for starchily traditional and generic styles; you could have your choice of a vast selection of designs to suit any environment and decor.

  3. Daniel Valencia says:

    Grilling the windows is generally done to keep intruders from entering the home. But these new grilling designs clearly inform us one thing: that grills tend to be more than just about function now; there’s even the aspect of aesthetics to be considered! I love how these designs are extremely simple yet so elegant. You receive the sense that we can do much more with grills, if we only let our imaginations fly.

  4. James King says:

    You know when you have something around the stove and you can’t be in 2 places at the same time but you have to keep an eye on the grill…

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